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Drive cold outreach, collapse sales cycles, and slash activation time with infrastructure purpose-built for API products.
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What we do

Turn cURL requests into dynamic UIs

On-demand personalization with unique links for every prospect

No-code admin dashboard

Spend more time demoing and less time setting up. Easily create, edit and track the success of all your demos from one place.

Instant link generation

Spin up custom links in a matter of clicks because each prospect deserves their own personalized demo environment—that's how deals are won.

Personalized Visuals

Make your prospects feel right at home with personalized UI, showing what your tech can actually power for their business…not Acme, Inc.

... and Personalized Content

Quickly edit text and content per prospect to ensure they're seeing what they care about to get the deal across the finish line.

Fully-integrated, supercharged environments for prospects to see your API in action

Live integration environments

Every demo environment comes supercharged with your API already integrated, giving prospects the ability to interact with real workflows in seconds.

Unlock a quick win

Get your prospect to their first win in a matter of seconds. Your champion shouldn’t have to convince a developer to dedicate precious engineering resources before knowing how your solution works.

The API demo you've dreamed about — without the dev time

Our special sauce

Everything you need, baked-in by default

No-code tooling
Help your sales team own the customer journey eliminating dependency on other teams.
Local database
Every Coast instance automatically spins up a local database so that the choices a user makes sticks with them throughout their experience.
Supercharged env
Coast is ready to handle all the complexity of your API - from custom auth, to background requests, to conditional rendering, and much, much more!
Embedded analytics
Get live insights on how and when prospects interact with your demo to qualify leads and contact them when you’re on their mind.
Ready for all audiences
Selling to technical decision makers? Go under the hood and look at the code. Execs, BizOps or PMs? Flip the switch to access a visual wrapper.
Connect to prod
Let prospects execute real requests with their own data to create unforgettable experiences.

Use Coast throughout the sales cycle — from lead to live

Live demos & sales calls
No more flipping through endpoints or pulling up Postman—feel confident presenting demos that standout. Finally answer the question, “Can I see a demo?” with confidence!
Onboarding & activation
Getting a signed deal is just step one... now you have to get them live! Send prospects materials that will best support them in getting live to supercharge activation and bring in more revenue.
The perfect leave-behind
Help your champions take something back to their team that will put your best foot forward. It’s now easy to follow up with personalized materials instead of links to documentation. Use Coast as the perfect piece of collateral to travel throughout their team.
Cold outreach, recapture churn
Boost cold email responses by showing upfront value to prospects, and re-engaging prospects stuck in the funnel.
On our soapbox

Still sending those stale API docs that everyone definitely reads?

Look, we don't blame you. You didn't have any better tools, so you reached for the good 'ol reliable technical docs. Or maybe, you spent hours crafting that 30 page sales deck, which you know is a lot to chew on 🤢.

But here's the issue, you need that BizOps rep who you just had a great conversation with to go pitch their boss, who pitches their boss's boss, and their boss's boss's boss. And you just gave your champion what... API docs and call notes? This is starting to sound more like a homework assignment 📖.

Out with the old, in with the new

It’s time to send your soldier into battle with a proposal that will move the needle. Something that is personal, interactive and beautiful. Give your prospects the opportunity to test drive your API in that brand new 2022 Ferrari 🏎️ and maybe, just maybe it’s time to retire Grandpa’s ’86 pickup truck 🔧 that’s been dusting away in the garage.

Whether you want to personalize outbound, give stunning demos live or leave your champion with a lasting, tangible impression, try Coast and watch your conversion rate soar 🦅.
Wall of Love

Hi to all our fans

"The personalized demos we created with Coast have made a huge impact on how we sell to prospects and our Sales Team couldn’t be happier with the results. The Coast team members are bright, creative, professional, and hardworking. We’re delighted to have them as partners."

Martine Katz
Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Unit

"Pretty much every API company struggles with implementation time. It takes anywhere from weeks to months to show a customer the value of your product. Coast changes that by offering customized demos from day 1. Instead of telling a customer what they will get from your product, you can actually show them. That's incredibly powerful."

Calvin French-Owen
Co-Founder @ Segment
Coast Investor

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Diana Enriquez
Lead Solutions Engineer @ Belvo

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Arash Ferdowsi
Co-Founder @ Dropbox
Coast Investor

"As an API company, it's challenging to demonstrate the value of our product on sales calls. Coast has allowed us to solve that problem by highlighting exactly what we do in a clear and concise way."

Michael Bank
Co-Founder @ Blip

"No matter how good the documentation, APIs are tough to evaluate. Coast is changing the game by providing API buyers with live apps and workflows in seconds right in the browser. Any API seller will gain an immediate advantage by using Coast."

Amjad Masad
Co-Founder @ Replit
Coast Investor
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